Exploring the structures through which money and goods flow to reveal how intermediation design impacts resilience, accountability and sustainability.


The Rise of the Middleman Economy and the Power of going to the Source

Finance expert, law professor and fellow overwhelmed consumer investigates the surprising ways that middlemen and long suppy chains have transformed  the economy  and provides practical guidance about how policy makers, corporate leaders and the rest of us can regain control and contribute to a more sustainable econonomy.

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“From the proliferation of farmers’ markets to the rapid expansion of online platforms such as Etsy and Kickstarter, people are choosing to bypass large middlemen in favor of going to the source.”


Kathryn Judge is the Harvey J. Goldschmid Professor of Law at Columbia Law School. Her research on financial markets and regulation has been published in top law journals and won accolades from academic peers and industry. She served as a clerk for Judge Richard Posner and Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. She is a graduate of Stanford Law School and Wesleyan University. She lives with her husband and their two daughters in New York City.